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The Postgres Conference in conjunction with Seattle PostgreSQL User Group presents two days of educational content and networking November 13 - November 14, 2017, at the Seattle Sheraton. The first day features training workshops presented by local and global Postgres experts, with the second and main conference day comprised of breakout sessions on various Postgres-related topics and use cases.

*Update -- even more amazing content, with new tracks added for Data Science, Big Data and AWS / Cloud

PGConf Seattle 2017 is part of a nonprofit conference series with a focus on growing the PostgreSQL community through increased awareness and education in PostgreSQL.

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Conference Highlights

Nov 13 Postgres Performance and Maintenance

When you are optimizing PostgreSQL it is usually maintenance that goes by the wayside. How do we fix autovacuum? Where did all of this bloat come from? Why am I getting IO spikes? How do I get RDS to behave?! Why are commits so slow on replication? The answer to all of these questions is understanding the relationship between proper Postgres maintenance and performance. Join us for a 3 hour jaunt through the wily world of making Postgres Go!

Nov 13 Scaling PostgreSQL Using Linux Containers in the Enterprise

**Download workshop materials here:** EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Expert SESSION TRACK: Infrastructure DETAILS: COURSE DESCRIPTION: Automation is THE big thing these days. Software delivery and infrastructure changes in regards to provisioning, creating and tearing down servers, is no longer a niche activity for only the largest and most complex networks. Nowadays, everybody is racing to automate...


Seattle2017 has the most awesome program ever!
See rock-star speakers cover the topics of


Develop intelligent apps on the Azure platform using the Azure Database for PostgreSQL by Sunil Kamath

Tuning PostgreSQL for High Write Workloads by David Wein


Enterprise Data Architecture with PostgreSQL by Kevin Kempter

All the dirt on Vacuum by Jim Nasby

Building a scalable time-series database on PostgreSQL by Matvey Arye


Automated Failure Management and Caching, with no code changes by Erik Brandsberg

Introduction to JavaScript Stored Procedures by Jim Mlodgenski

The internals of GPORCA optimizer by Xin (Shin) Zhang

Using GIS in PostgreSQL by Lloyd Albin

Under the hood: API integrations and more in an energy efficiency PostgreSQL + Django application by Jennifer Scheuerell


Postgres Performance and Maintenance by Joshua D. Drake

Scaling PostgreSQL Using Linux Containers in the Enterprise by Robert Bernier

Data Science

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility by Michael Sacks

Data Quality Expert Is Not Harvard's Sexiest Job...But by Ben Rogojan

Big Data

AWS / Cloud

Best Practices with Managed PostgreSQL in the Cloud by Jignesh Shah

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Steps from Pike Place Market, the Seattle waterfront and Washington State Convention & Trade Center, Sheraton Seattle Hotel is a contemporary urban retreat in the heart of downtown Seattle, Washington.

Discover a vibrant destination with innovative hospitality and warm Seattle personality that inspires you to work, play, relax, and connect in the Emerald City.

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