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Joshua D. Drake

Command Prompt, Inc.

Joshua D. Drake is a PostgreSQL Consultant and has been consulting on PostgreSQL since Postgres95. He is the founder and lead consultant of Command Prompt, Inc., the oldest of the Postgres companies. Throughout his PostgreSQL career he has performed a variety of functions within the community including releasing an O'Reilly book on PostgreSQL, being part of the sysadmins and advocacy teams. Further he ran a biannual conference series dedicated to PostgreSQL between the years of 2007 - 2011. He is a former Director for SPI (the non-profit for Lastly he is also a Founder of United States PostgreSQL.

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Everybody uses it, almost nobody knows what each parameter means. Just like the Pacific Crest Trail, most people have heard of it but few people have taken the 3-4 months to seek inner peace and understanding by hiking this gorgeous section of the United States. Let's take a 3-4 hour hike and explore the postgresql.conf. We will cover the desert of memory settings, to the mountains of the background writer and autovacuum. We will walk the Sierras of random_page_cost and experience the sunsets of effective_cache_size. From A-Z, you will walk away from this training with a firm understanding of the postgresql.conf.

3 h
PGConf US 2017