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Engage a motivated, fun audience that is passionate about PostgreSQL and becoming better technologists.

We are currently looking for speakers for PGConf US 2016. Our call for proposals is open until January 31st, 2016, 11:59pm EST. We will have notified all speakers prior to February 15th, 2016 when we will annonce the schedule.

PGConf US 2016 focuses on how you use PostgreSQL in your daily life. Do you work with it for personal projects? For enterprises? What other tools and services do you use with PostgreSQL? Do you run it in your mission-critical operations, or is it used to support something else?

We want you to share your experiences using PostgreSQL - your uses cases, experiences, deployment strategies, tools you've used in and around PostgreSQL - anything that you feel you would like to highlight to the PostgreSQL community!

If you would like some ideas from past conferences, check out the schedule from PGConf NYC 2014 and PGConf US 2015 as well as the videos from PGConf US 2015

A non-exhaustive list of topics to consider:

  • How to leverage new and/or innovative PostgreSQL features
  • Developing applications with PostgreSQL
  • Strategies for running PostgreSQL in production
  • Case studies of PostgreSQL on deployments
  • Tools around managing PostgreSQL deployments; PostgreSQL as a utility for management
  • Managing your development process with PostgreSQL
  • Running PostgreSQL with other databases
  • How to use PostgreSQL extensions, e.g. PostGIS
  • PostgreSQL integrations with other database, i.e. leveraging foreign data wrappers
  • PostgreSQL Scalability + Replication
  • Accessible Insights into PostgreSQL Internals
  • Scalability strategies with PostgreSQL

But of course, these topics are just the tip of the iceberg - please feel free to submit any talk that you think is appropriate for PGConf US 2016.

This year, we are planning to have a "hackers" track dedicated to presentations and discussions around the ongoing development of PostgreSQL.

We do welcome submissions about commercial tools and products for PostgreSQL, but be advised that your talks should focus on the technical aspects of your product delivered by someone with technical expertise.

Each session during the conference is 50-minutes, and you can break up your session however you would like (e.g. 40 min talk, 10 min Q&A).

You may also submit a session as a 3-hour training, but there are very limited slots for these. Please indicate in the comments that you are submitting this as a training.

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