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PGConf US 2016 is from April 18, 2016 to April 20, 2016 at the New York Marriott Brooklyn Bridge and focuses on how people use PostgreSQL, from the perspective of developers, DBAs, systems administrators, business-intelligence analysts, and decisions makers.

Tickets for PGConf US 2016 can be purchased below the schedule or on the registration page.


Development Internals Operations Use Cases

April 18, 2016 - Training

Start End Navy Yard Williamsburg DUMBO
8:30AM 9:30AM Registration
9:30AM 1:00PM PostgreSQL When It is Not Your Job.
Christophe Pettus
Steel Elephant: A Highly Secure PostgreSQL Environment with HashiCorp's Vault and Consul
Sean Chittenden
Out of the Box Replication in PostgreSQL 9.4
Denish Patel
2:00PM 5:30PM Linux tuning to improve PostgreSQL performance: from hardware to postgresql.conf
Ilya Kosmodemiansky
Introduction to PostGIS
Leo Hsu and Regina Obe
Elevating Your Confidence with PostgreSQL's Restoration Capabilities!
Joshua D. Drake

April 18, 2016 - Regulated Industry Summit

Start End Salon A,B,C
8:30AM 9:30AM Registration
9:30AM 9:45AM Opening Remarks / Welcome
Joe Conway, Mehboob Alam, Bryan Doyle
9:45AM 10:15AM State of Encryption, Privacy and Architecting for Scale
Will Ackerly, Founder, CTO, Virtru
10:15AM 10:45AM Panel: Security, Compliance and IoT
10:45AM 11:00AM Break
11:00AM 12:00PM Ideology and Licensing of Free and Open Source Software
Karen Sandler, Executive Director, Software Freedom Conservancy
12:00PM 12:30PM Regulated Industries - Overview of New Drug Development and its Data Challenges
Dr. David P. Katz, Director - Life Sciences, KPMG
12:30PM 1:00PM TBD - Healthcare & Regulations
Michael Ebert, Partner - Cyber Practice, KPMG
1:00PM 2:00PM Lunch Break
Lunch is not provided on April 18th
2:00PM 3:00PM Roundtable: Can PostgreSQL become the world’s most advanced "enterprise" database?
PostgreSQL Core Team / Major Contributors
3:00PM 4:00PM Panel: Modern Data Management for Enterprises, Bridging the SQL/NoSQL divide
Perspectives from MongoDB, PostgreSQL,
4:00PM 5:00PM Lightning Talks
Hosted by Stephen Frost
5:00PM 6:00PM Networking

April 19, 2016

Start End Salon A Salon B Salon C Northside Ballroom
8:00AM 9:30AM Registration
9:30AM 9:45AM PGConf US 2016 Launch!
Jonathan S. Katz & Jim Mlodgenski, PGConf US 2016 Co-Chairs
9:45AM 10:20AM Keynote: Parag Goradia
Executive Director, Cloud Services Engineering, General Electric Digital
10:40AM 11:30AM Lessons Learned Operating Postgres at Scale
Dave Pirotte
PostgreSQL Monitoring
Kevin Kempter
PostgreSQL & Java: past, present and future
Alvaro Hernandez
PostgreSQL Development
Simon Riggs
11:40AM 12:30PM An Availability Journey with MasterCard and PostgreSQL
John Young
HawkEye On Postgresql
Adarsh Sharma
Top 10 Problems Solved by PostGIS
Leo Hsu and Regina Obe
How PostgreSQL is tested
Peter Eisentraut
12:30PM 1:30PM Lunch
Lunch is provided in Salons F & G
1:30PM 2:20PM Practical Lessons Learned when using PostgreSQL at a Web Startup
Lukas Fittl
PostgreSQL High-Availability and Geographic Locality using consul
Sean Chittenden
Overcoming First Principles: A guide for accessing the features of PostgreSQL in test-driven development
Eric Radman
Citus Architecture: Extending Postgres to Build a Distributed Database
Ozgun Erdogan
2:30PM 3:20PM ESA Sky: New window to the stars using PostgreSQL
Pilar de Teodoro
Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL - Deep Dive on New Features and Learnings
Grant McAlister
PubSub with Postgresql
Gian Biondi
Deep dive into PostgreSQL statistics.
Alexey Lesovsky
3:20PM 3:50PM Coffee Break
4:00PM 4:50PM PostgreSQL in the Polyglot Enterprise
Mitch Pirtle
HA PostgreSQL cluster with repmgr and pgbouncer
Jaime Casanova
Predictive Analytics IN Postgres
Jim Nasby
Sorting Through the Ages
Gregory Stark
5:00PM 5:20PM Keynote: EnterpriseDB and Open Source
Robert Haas, Chief Database Architect, EnterpriseDB
5:20PM 5:40PM Keynote: - The Best Way to Get Your PostgreSQL On
David Rader, Partner & VP Product Engineering, OpenSCG
5:40PM 6:00PM Keynote: Citus and the Cloud
Umur Cubukcu, CEO & Founder and Will Leinweber, Engineer at Citus Data
6:00PM 6:20PM Keynote: Hidden in the Docs: Connection Tunable Write Consistency
Chris Winslett, Platform Engineer, Compose
6:30PM 10:00PM Happy Birthday! PostgreSQL's 20th Birthday Bash

April 20, 2016

Start End Salon A Salon B Salon C Northside Ballroom
9:00AM 10:00AM Registration
10:00AM 10:50AM Using PostgreSQL to manage ArcGIS spatial data || Taking PostgreSQL and Analytics to the Next Level with Python
Chaula Jain || Andy Eschbacher
PostgreSQL DevOps with Chef & Puppet
Scott Mead
MLS PostgreSQL: Implementing Multi-level Security in PostgreSQL with RLS and SELinux
Joe Conway
SQL and MongoDB: how PostgreSQL brought them together
Asya Kamsky
11:00AM 11:50AM Data Integration in the World of Microservices
Valentine Gogichashvili
Achieving a State of Flow: Continuous Integration and Practical Event Sourcing w/ PostgreSQL
Paolo Lim
Ranges, Partitioning and Limitations
Corey Huinker
How we made Greenplum Open Source
Andreas Scherbaum
12:00PM 1:00PM Lunch
Lunch is provided in Salons F & G
1:00PM 1:50PM On Providing Scalable Managed PostgreSQL services to Cloud Foundry
Xiujiao Gao
Kicking the Donkey of PostgreSQL Replication
Joshua D. Drake
That SQL looks pretty complicated. Where are the tests?
James E. Marca
Parallel Query In PostgreSQL
Robert Haas
2:00PM 2:50PM How Tencent uses Postgres-XC for their high volume WeChat payment system
Jasonys Li
Efficiently Backing up Terabytes of Data with pgBackRest
David Steele
PostgreSQL’s secret NoSQL superpowers
Amanda Gilmore
IO in Postgres - Architecture, Tuning, Problems
Andres Freund
3:00PM 3:30PM Coffee Break
3:30PM 4:20PM Migrating a live Postgres database into RDS with no downtime: Experiences and Lessons Learned
David Benoit
You'd better have tested backups
Dimitri Fontaine
Programming the SQL Way with Common Table Expressions
Bruce Momjian
PostgreSQL Performance Presentation, 9.6devel Edition
Mark Wong
4:30PM 5:20PM PostgreSQL HA Database Clusters through Containment
PostgreSQL Power on Power
Michael Meskes
Deploying and Managing PostgreSQL with Ansible
David Hollenberger
A look at the Elephants trunk - PostgreSQL 9.6
Magnus Hagander
5:30PM 6:15PM Lightning Talks
Hosted by Joshua D. Drake
6:15PM 6:30PM All Good Things Must Come to a Close
Jonathan S. Katz & Jim Mlodgenski, PGConf US 2016 Co-Chairs
7:00PM 10:00PM The Fun Doesn't Stop: The Official After Party Hosted By Knowledge Source Solutions & credativ
The Dumbo Loft, 155 Water St, Brooklyn NY 11201

Come Join Us!

Tickets for PGConf US 2016 on April 18-20, 2016 are available through EventBrite.   The first day, April 18, is dedicated to training sessions and the regulated industry summit. Trainings must be purchased as separate tickets and are only for those individual trainings. A "Regular Admission" ticket will give you access to the main conference on April 19th and 20th, the Regulated Industry Summit on April 18th, and the 20th Anniversary Party on April 19th.  We also have tickets provided for attending only certain events, such as the Regulated Industry Summit or the 20th Anniversary Party.

If you are a student and interested in attending PGConf US 2016, we are offering a discount rate of $49 for admission. Please email to register. You must be an active student at the time of the conference.

PGConf US 2016 is hosted by the United States PostgreSQL Association, which is a registered 501(c)(3). All ticket sales go directly to the program of PGConf US 2016 and any proceeds are used for the ongoing activities of the United States PostgreSQL Association, which include sponsoring PostgreSQL meetup groups, providing educational materials for PostgreSQL, and sponsoring speakers to discuss PostgreSQL at various events.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

PGConf US 2016 would not take place without the generous support from our sponsors.





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