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ESA Sky: New window to the stars using PostgreSQL

Track: Use Cases

Pilar de Teodoro

April 19, 2016, 2:30PM - 3:20PM


ESA Sky is the  science-driven discovery portal  developed by engineers and scientists working at the European Space Agency to allow users to explore the multi-wavelength sky and to seamlessly retrieve science-ready data in all ESA Astronomy mission archives from a web application without prior-knowledge of any of the missions. The first public beta of the service has been released, future releases will enable retrieval of spectra and will have special time-domain exploration features.
PostgreSQL is the database system chosen to store the data connecting with other PostgreSQL databases in a performant way. The use of materialized views created on top of foreign tables has helped to get a fast system facilitating the integration with other archives, as well as the use of pgSphere to filter data using polygons and healpix functions. The possibility to integrate more data from other Astronomy centers is a reality which will lead us for new challenges regarding  integration, performance, replication and scalability.
We would like to show how ESA Sky works and how we have developed an excellent door to the universe using PostgreSQL.
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About the Speaker

Pilar de Teodoro is physicist and works at the European Space Agency (ESA)/ESAC Science Data Centre (ESDC) in Madrid, Spain.
After many years working in Oracle Corp., she moved to the European Space Agency working first for the Gaia mission being in charge of the databases for the largest survey of objects in the universe dealing with hundreds of Terabytes of data. After Gaia, she joined the ESDC team where all archives from the different ESA missions are kept. PostgreSQL is the database system most used in the science archives helping the the singularity of every space mission and it is the pillar of the ESA Sky project.

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