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PGConf NYC 2014 is from April 3, 2014 to April 4, 2014 at the New York Marriott Brooklyn Bridge and focuses on how people use PostgreSQL, from the perspective of developers, DBAs, systems administrators, business-intelligence analysts, and decisions makers.

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Admin Developer General Security Use-Case

April 3, 2014

Start End Grand Ballroom Salon A & B Grand Ballroom Salon C Empire
8:00AM 9:30AM Registration
9:30AM 9:50AM Opening
Jonathan S. Katz, Jim Mlodgenski
9:50AM 10:10AM Keynote - Bryan Doyle
Vice President, Technology Division, Goldman Sachs
10:10AM 10:30AM Keynote - Michael Bryzek
CTO & Co-founder, Gilt Groupe
10:30AM 11:00AM Coffee Break
11:00AM 11:50AM Building a High-Availability PostgreSQL Cluster at ARIN
Devon Mizelle
Intro to PostgreSQL Security
Stephen Frost
When PostgreSQL Can't, You Can
Keith Fiske
12:00PM 12:50PM PostgreSQL for Developers
Dimitri Fontaine
PostgreSQL Replication Security
Magnus Hagander
High Availability In The Cloud
Gregory Stark
12:50PM 1:50PM Lunch
Sponsored by OmniTI
2:00PM 2:50PM Using Postgres for append-only immutable data
Norman Yamada
Achieving PCI Compliance with Postgres
Denish Patel
Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
Nick Hertl
3:00PM 3:50PM Row Level Security for PostgreSQL
Simon Riggs
Geographically Distributed PostgreSQL
Mason Sharp
Migrating your Sybase and SQL Server databases to PostgreSQL
Denis Lussier
3:50PM 4:20PM Coffee Break
4:20PM 5:10PM Flexible PostgreSQL Configuration
Greg Smith
Multi-level Partitioning in PostgreSQL
Corey Huinker
Harnessing the Power of pgTAP in the Large
Michael Glaesemann
5:20PM 6:10PM Using Security Definers to Publish Private Data to the Web
Andrew Hill
Monitoring with Sensu
Peter Eisentraut
High-Volume Scheduling and Job Management with PostgreSQL
Leonardo Meira
6:15PM 8:00PM Reception
Food, Drinks, Fun

April 4, 2014

Start End Grand Ballroom Salon A & B Grand Ballroom Salon C Empire
8:30AM 9:30AM Registration
9:30AM 9:50AM Keynote - James Turnbull
VP of Services, Docker
9:55AM 10:15AM Keynote: Scott D'Aquila
Vice President, Institutional Securities Technology Group, Morgan Stanley
10:30AM 11:20AM A Peek in the Elephant's Trunk
Dave Page
Scaling Fashionably: From Startup to Scale at Zalando
Valentine Gogichashvili
Database Validation and Versioning
David Steele
11:30AM 12:20PM Making Postgres Central in Your Data Center
Bruce Momjian
Managing the AUDI Corrosion Center with PostgreSQL
Roland Sonnenschein
Easy Statistical Analysis in PostgreSQL with PL/R
Joe Conway
12:30PM 1:30PM Lunch
Sponsored by Heroku
1:30PM 2:20PM Postgres at the heart of the firehose: monitoring 40,000 servers with 1 postgres database (and a few other things)
Alexis Le-Quoc
Kicking the Donkey of PostgreSQL Replication
Joshua D. Drake
Migrations, Health checks and Support Experiences - Postgres from the Service Provider Perspective
Marc Linster
2:30PM 3:20PM PostgreSQL, PostGIS, and PlaceIQ - Three P's in a Pod
Kevin Brackney
Fail Over, Fail Back
Josh Berkus
Integrating PostgreSQL with RabbitMQ
Gavin M. Roy
3:30PM 4:00PM Coffee Break
4:00PM 4:50PM Full text search using Postgres and Python [Django]
Sai Yerram
PostgreSQL + ZFS on FreeBSD
Andrew Wong
An Adventure in Data Modeling: The Entity-Attribute-Value Model
Mark Wong
5:00PM 5:30PM Lighting Talks
Various Speakers
5:30PM 6:00PM Keynote: PostgreSQL - A Road Map for Evolving Challenges
Marc Linster

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Tickets for PGConf US 2016 on April 18-20, 2016 are available through EventBrite.   The first day, April 18, is dedicated to training sessions and the regulated industry summit. Trainings must be purchased as separate tickets and are only for those individual trainings. A "Regular Admission" ticket will give you access to the main conference on April 19th and 20th, the Regulated Industry Summit on April 18th, and the 20th Anniversary Party on April 19th.  We also have tickets provided for attending only certain events, such as the Regulated Industry Summit or the 20th Anniversary Party.

If you are a student and interested in attending PGConf US 2016, we are offering a discount rate of $49 for admission. Please email to register. You must be an active student at the time of the conference.

PGConf US 2016 is hosted by the United States PostgreSQL Association, which is a registered 501(c)(3). All ticket sales go directly to the program of PGConf US 2016 and any proceeds are used for the ongoing activities of the United States PostgreSQL Association, which include sponsoring PostgreSQL meetup groups, providing educational materials for PostgreSQL, and sponsoring speakers to discuss PostgreSQL at various events.

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