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Achieving PCI Compliance with Postgres

Track: Security

Denish Patel

April 3, 2014, 2:00PM - 2:50PM


In an attempt to protect its cardholders from identity theft VISA and MasterCard have collaborated with American Express, Discover and JCB to develop the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, otherwise known as PCI-DSS. PCI DSS is an industry regulation designed to mitigate risks to the integrity and confidentiality of payment card data. If the company is storing customer’s credit card data, they are entitled to follow PCI compliance guidelines. PCI regularly releases new guidelines and PCI DSS V 3.0 document was released recently in Nov 2013.

In the talk, I’m going to discuss guidelines and requirements from PCI DSS V 3.0 and how Postgres’s powerful security features helps to address following PCI compliance requirements:

• Build and Maintain a Secure Network and Systems

• Protect Cardholder Data

• Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program

• Implement Strong Access Control Measures

• Regularly Monitor and Test Networks

• Maintain an information Security Policy

About the Speaker

Denish Patel's background spans a wide depth and breadth of expertise and experience in database technologies. Using this knowledge, he has architected and designed numerous successful database solutions addressing challenging business requirements. Denish, works as Lead Database Architect at OmniTi, leading database operations team.

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